Tested Advertising Methods has ratings and 38 reviews. Max said: To think that this was written in the 60’s is just phenomenal.I wonder where this. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a newbie or even just someone with a passing interest in advertising, John Caples’ book Tested. John Caples made a list of 35 headline formulas in his book, Tested Advertising Methods. I’ve put all of them in this post with guidelines for how.

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Oct 31, Troy Clark rated it really liked it Shelves: His three-step sys- tems for advertising creativity and advertising success revolutionized the way much advertising was written, designed, and tested.

An artist might favor blue backgrounds in advertising because blue was his current fiancee’s favorite color.

But let me close by returning to that magical year of when Dr. ALL four appeals concentrate on what is best for the buyer. Linda Hahn is a high energy, low stress author and teacher.

Learn from the results. An adver- tisement with a picture of a free booklet or other attractive premium at the top of the page and the headline “Send for this FREE gift” may bring an avalanche of inquiries, but very few worthwhile leads. What to say in advertisements Often the person whose opinion is final is not even an advertising man or woman.

The purpose of headlines must be to convey a message to people who read only headlines, then decide whether or not they will look at the copy. What do people see of advertising? My library Help Advanced Book Search.


Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn (1998, Paperback, Revised)

In other words, you are not only testing individual newspapers or radio stations against one another, you are, at the same time, testing newspapers as a class against magazines against direct mail, and so on, to learn how they rank in providing cost-effective sales results.

Some black and white illustrations with good ads that have been in print before and a lot of story’s that make the book very entertaining, even if you are not interested in marketing. Often a headline may have two meanings, one of which you do not suspect.

For every curiosity headline that succeeds in getting results, a dozen will fail. I had prepared 11 magazine full-page ads for a certain client in one year’s time and ana- lyzed the coupon returns from a test point of view.

The 35 Headline Formulas of John Caples

The point of all this is that what an advertisement says is more important than how it is said. Newspaper and magazine mail-order advertising flourished, as it had since jhn beginning of the century. It has sold products which the public did not know it wanted. R New York, N.

For legal as well as business reasons, they had to become more believable and definitely more honest. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. It’s amazing how accurate it is even today.

Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples, Fred E. Hahn – Google Books

It fails to give you specific facts and figures and proof of results. The business of judging advertisements in a conference room creates a false atmosphere.


Here is free information. Be the only supplier to use consumer advertising to speak directly to prospective and new mothers. This book is mandatory in mfthods learning arsenal. You will read the copy if you have time. Interesting reading about advertising. How do you introduce the new airline paperless “E Ticket”? The real judge of advertising is the woman 28 Chapter 3 who says to her grocer, “No, I don’t want Blank’s Soap.

Do people advertisign adver- tisements backwards? The advertisements bearing these headlines were the same in gen- eral appearance. The words “announcing” and “new” give the news flavor. To keep the tracking — and understanding — of test results simpler, use letters rather than numbers for changes on specific ads: I advertisijg to re-read Tested Advertising Methods a few times to absorb all of its lessons. You will increase your chances of writing good ones if you read this book, and commit its conclusions to memory.

And take what you read and copy and create your own examples.

No other advertising is regulated and monitored as closely as the financial market’s. Surely lohn Caples smiles down from copywriters’ heaven!

Your message will be heard by many more people! Besides, headlines are unnecessary for short copy. Individual words and short phrases such as BEST.