API Events. System Events. onModuleRender · onBulletinDisplay. Photos & Videos Documentation. Photos . Creating Albums · Uploading Photos. Description. This event is triggered when the user profile is being displayed.

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Tiffany Pattersonhttp: This guide will dofumentation you through the installation process and get CometChat running on your site. JomSocial does have a customized registration that allows for custom profile fields to be added and then set as optional or mandatory.

This documentation is now outdated.

Thanks Dimas, of course there will be edits made to the documentation to suit our particular audience. Step 1 Login to your Joomla Administration usually http: Ah yes, now I understand your meaning.

At Jomspcial, we have eight years of experience helping Joomla users create fantastic online communities. Norm Douglashttp: With many years of development, testing automation and thousands of users, JomSocial is stable and reliable. Get your friends to comment on your photos, jpmsocial as an admin, delete the community photos you deem inappropriate.

Registration links can easily be redirected to make sure all new users take advantage of the customized registration process. JomSocial josmocial so many features and so many opportunities. JomSocial is the most complete, easy-to-use addon that turns Joomla CMS into a full -fledged, social networking site. LunesDiciembre 31 Customize the look of your community through CSS edits; or use the included templates to get your community up and running in no time.


Create groups and manage them – Create unlimited special-interest groups with Jomsocial and manage them all easily.

Please also note that you should not documentatiom a “Super Administrator” user with a Facebook account.

Add more members to your groups by inviting your friends and hide any group you wish with our unique Privacy Settings. Follow users activity stream – Get real-time updates on friends’ daily activities through Jomsocial Activity Stream. Hi, I’d like to know what restrictions there are on using jomaocial of the Jomsocial documentation in guides we are putting together for our users.

JomSocial has what the cutting edge social networks provide and is always recreating itself with deeper user interaction and better ease of use and customization. If you are planning on using this feature, please read: Please refer to our new documentation at docs.

JomSocial is a full online community component that runs natively on Joomla 1. Step 2 Under the Extensions tab, select the Template Manager option. Extract this zip to a local folder. Now everyone can create a thriving, unique and interactive Joomla!

Virtually everything can be overridden in a structured manner that doesn’t alter the core code. JomSocial has the convenience of using the standard Joomla user table so nearly any login module you choose will work. This will install CometChat successfully. Our forum has hundreds of thousands of answers, covering any possible question. This is also jomsicial for any user added by the Administrator of the site.


If not, you can download the package from your client area. Over here you will find the additional settings. With the help of additional settings, you can synchronize your inbox messages with JomSocial and you can show CometChat for a specific usergroup.

Use of Jomsocial documentation for user guides – JomSocial Forum

I will renew my sub in order to get the documentation. This documentation is outdated. Step 2 Install CometChat extension by browsing and choosing jomsocial. Hi J, I dont understand, but well you cant access the doc once your subscription ends, I notice you are not active customer right now, right?

Step 5 It will ask you to browse the cometchat. JomSocial with Joomla version lower than 3. We know what it takes to bring people together and keep them engaged, and ourusers trust our award-winning social networking software to deliver exactly what they and their members need.

The support was excellent during our initial start up. Step 4 After successful installation of extension, you will find CometChat under component menu.

documentafion The structure of JomSocial is the key. Once you get it, please you change the content a bit, and make it different from our version.