CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Personally I would not use this function in HDV mode; instead I would carry out this effect in post-production. Aside from preview and viewfinder functionality, the LCD makes the navigation of internal menus much easier.

The only other gremlin I found was the lack of i recording in HDV format, more on this in the next section. Since I wrote this review, JVC have released firmware updates to reduce the problem.

Additional to this, the HDE also offers fixed focus ring adjustment with exact focal length markings. The first problem was solved with repeat attempts but you? However, this camera did make me want to master my 25P shooting techniques. However, the flip side to that coin is that any locked off shots with say fast passing vehicles will result in a slight flickering on the moving vehicle.

There were also signs of chromatic aberration The camera I had was an early sample so there were signs of the ‘Split Screen Effect’. At the editing stage, viewing the footage on my large Apple LCD computer display the footage looked quite stunning and even more stunning on my JVC CRT production monitor that I use in my edit suite for colour grading etc.


JVC GY-HD101E Camcorder – Black

In truth if you? They use servo-motor assisted focus systems that even when in manual focus mode, the barrel just keeps hy-hd101e turning and has no infinity point, this is not a proper focusing barrel. Some of the problems mentioned above also might be attributed to dirty-heads, worn. Certainly tape-striping is common practice to avoid timecode breaks but it must be pointed out that it is, for the most part, done so that shots can be re-wound and reviewed in-camera on location?

Some supporters of 24p argue that gy-hd10e1 shot at 24p can easily be delivered as 25p or 50i in the home and it retains the look of?

JVC GY-HD101E with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter

You could walk around all day with this camera on your shoulder and not feel a single twinge in your back, it really is that well balanced. The supplied shotgun microphone however is a little on the poor side and whilst functional enough, will probably be quickly replaced by experienced users with a Rode or Sennheiser shotgun mic.

The time code value at the Record-Standby position becomes the time code specified in advance. See our privacy policy for more information. More than just interchangeable lenses the HDE offers the only servo driven lens system on a camera anywhere close to this price range. This is especially true of wedding videos, simply because it looks more film-like, kind of smoother and more romantic, which is what weddings are supposed to be about anyway.

The camera I had was an early sample so there were signs of the ‘Split Screen Effect’. So, what else does it have? All the various controls on this camera are very logically laid out.

If you are not familiar with the zebra assist function, it is just like the name suggests. The immediate truth is that JVC are smart to include this feature because they know, rightly or wrongly, it has a popular perception of desirability.


JVC GY-HDE Camcorder – Black | eBay

However, I wouldn’t let this put you off. You have to shoot like you would with a Cine Super 16 or 35mm gy-d101e camera i. HDV progressive scan camcorder Model: At first the HDE seemed very poorly balanced and nose-heavy but once a large battery pack is added on the rear of the camera and the shoulder pad slid back to match the user?

Any area of the viewfinder gy-hv101e is overexposed has diagonal stripes over that area; you simply turn the aperture ring down a few stops until the stripes disappear, easy! The second, was having a smaller frame HD size allowed for a progressive-scan format that wouldn? I should point out here that the tape used was one supplied by JVC and was brand new out of the packet.

Just looking at it you could be forgiven for thinking that it is not going to balance on the shoulder that well.

I would strongly recommend getting some training in either 25P or proper film camera shooting techniques. This loaner from JVC turned up in a massive box not the original one with padding in abundance and even then the camcorder was snugly tucked inside a Portabrace bag.

With great expectation comes great scrutiny, but so far, virtually all the HDV cameras released to the market have held up remarkably well.