A Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual. Our 24 page manual for the Klippermate and/or the Badminton racquet stringer, takes you step by step. Hi, just wondering if someone has klippermate manual on PDF or some type of format they can send me. Greatly appreciated. Thanks ______. : KlippermateĀ® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine The most complete and easy to follow instructions available with any stringer.

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I have been using the stringer for more than two years. You get a basic stringing machine. It all depends on the string used. I string a week and have done about 20 with it so far. You can use the stringer almost anywhere: Scott Adams, February 22, But the clamps wore down fairly quickly, and the tensioner doesn’t hold at all now. I’ve strung over 50 racquets already and it still mounts racquets great and gives fairly accurate results – Accurate tension.

They hold the string very securely without squeezing it. Came with all the necessary tools, outstanding instruction booklet. The manual is terrific and really explains the stringing process.

Kim Wee, January 23, Ordered via telephone and the salesperson was very knowledgable about the product and strings. I string only for myself and friends for free: All in all, it took me about 1. Great stringer for the money!


I taped the 2 mounting screws with masking tape to prevent string contact. Jim of Pennsylvania, December 18, They’re also hard to open. But, I ended up finishing in a little over 2 hours. Am still finding it slow, about 1hr per racquet. This machine is awesome. I would be interested to hear if someone has experienced this. My wife offered to get me and upgrade so I went with a tabletop electronic.

Then I started the work step by step slowly by following the manual. My family got the machine for me because I broke too many strings. However, doing the crosses was tougher.

Racquet Stringing Patterns

As long klippwrmate you use the same process to string every time you should get consistent results. I string for people cheap just so they don’t have to pay the outrageous pro shop prices. The machine was very easy to assemble, only requiring about 3 minutes. The assembly of the machine was very easy. I’m not sure how much I trust the Gamma gauge, though I guess for the price, it was kliippermate.

Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual

My son is now into tennis and I have expanded into stringing tennis racquets. I think they hit the mark. When you work from a desktop, you have the strings all over the places, dragging whatever is on the table, coffee mug, wrenches, you name it.

The mounting system is very firm and does not block any holes, it just blocks the clamps from getting close to racket ends. It’s a bit short for modern tennis racquets now, and it was not designed for badminton either – the screws can hurt the frame so it needs more cushioning.


The user manual that comes with the stringer is excellent. I am going to call Klippermate again and ask them why they replaced a clamp from someone else who posted on this forum and not mine.

Klipper basic tabletop stringer. Mounting the racquet was straightforward and no holes are blocked. Ordered on Saturday, received on Tuesday – no assembly required. For one piece, you need different lengths on each side took kliplermate a while klipperkate figure that out! In less than 1 week I received my machine: I have to tighten the bolt really tight but this doesn’t affect the accuracy and usability of the machine – it’s just annoying.

I haven’t had any problem at all.

All the necessary basics. Table top, drop weight tensioner, 2 mounting points, 2 floating clamps, basic tools. One of the wingnuts for the racquet hold-down was missing, so I had to run to OSH for a replacement.

When I string it is within 2 lbs of the Gamma tension tester and the Gamma tension tester is also within 2 lbs of a professional string job done on an electronic and very expensive Prince stringer.