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This is an example ofA. Substantive testing substantiates the integrity of actual processing such as balances on financial statements. The receiver can decrypt the message, thus ensuring confidentiality of the message. Similarly, choice C considers only the magnitude of the damage and not the possibility of a threat exploiting a vulnerability.

Compliance testing determines whether controls are sola applied in compliance with policy.

Contoh Soal Semantic

Overall business risk for a particular threat can be expressed as: Collecting all the required evidence is a required element of an IS audit, and the scope of the audit should not be limited by the auditees ability to find relevant evidence. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: A substantive kkmpulan would determine if the tape library records are stated correctly.

The development of substantive tests is often dependent on the outcome of compliance tests. Integral – Contoh Soal Documents. Soal EHB, contoh soal Documents. Reviewing password history reports5.


Semantic relation within the sentence and its constituent The extent to which data will be collected during an IS audit should be related directly to the scope and purpose of the audit.

Contoh Contoh Soal Thermodinamika. Thereafter, the decrypted message can be decrypted with the public key of the sender, ensuring authenticity of the message. Checking a list of exception reportsB.

contoh soal cisa

The extent to which data will be collected during an IS audit should be determined based on the: Dengan adanya humas diharapkan akan terbentuknya bantuan dan kerja sama nyata, merupakan tujuan humas yang bersifat….

Both encryption methods support digital signatures and are used for public key encryption and distribution. Semantic relation within the sentence and its constituent A sentence that has two meaning kjmpulan called Menciptakan citra yang baik B.

Terpelihara dan terbentuknya saling pengertian Menjaga dan membentuk saling percaya Memelihara dan menciptakan kerja sama Menginterpretasikan kecenderungan perilaku publik Menganalisis dan mengevaluasi kecenderungan perilaku publik The risk-based approach is designed to ensure audit time is spent on the areas of highest risk. Kumpulan Soal Repro-1 Repro.

Encrypting the hash of the message with the senders private key and thereafter encrypting the message with the receivers public keyD. However, a stronger key per se does not necessarily kumpylan better performance, but rather the actual algorithm employed.

What is the synonyms of the underline word? Soal di bawah ini adalah contoh soal untuk area 1 mengenai Information System Audit Process. The different between human language and animal language. Choice D defines the risk on an arbitrary basis and is not suitable for a scientific risk management process4. At the end of the street we saw enormous statues. The sign and the observer share a context of place and time in which the sign attract the observers attention is called Remember me Forgot password?


Encrypting the message with the senders private key and encrypting the message hash with the receivers public key3. Contoh Soal – Kasus Documents. Which of the following is a benefit of a risk-based approach to audit planning? Contoh Soal Greeting Card Beserta Jawabanya – How To AA soal greeting card beserta uldi, contoh soal greeting card beserta gambarnya, contoh soal greeting card besertan, contoh kunpulan greeting card Ensuring approval for parameter changesC.

Keputusan Perdana Menteri Djuanda D. Checking the authorization of exception reports, reviewing authorization for changing parameters and reviewing password history reports are compliance tests.

Kumpulan Soal Soal Cpns. This method was first independently suggested by Neal Koblitz and Victor S. Memelihara citra yang baik Ykdi. Robert got home before Rebecca. Control risks are controlled by the actions of the companys management.