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The Scientifically proven benefits of Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method, accompanies hundreds of people everyday around the world safely to the Pranic Breatharian State, Documented on movies and television, His method has been adopted as a template by the new generation of nourriure teachers in Germany, Israel, USA, Holland, UK. My granddad was my guardian angel, my guide and shaman. For more information about Oberon and his work, please contact: I closed my eyes searching in mojfort universal library called Akasha.

You have to have affinity with the parents and with the society, with the people around which you are born.

The pranic food

Well, I laughed it off and I had to confess I did not understand or perhaps even believe it that much. As it goes, I acted against my intuition and trouble arose when preparing for the Tibet trip. The prana frees from the major addiction that is the conventional food and open to a new way of looking and of liking the Life in all that it conceal of beauty and possibilities.

How wrong my beloved parents were. He lived for one year in the forest, without technology or contact to civilisation, spent a half year in an indian ashram and experienced the Pranic Process.

Pranicka Vyziva

His has the british nationality, his father is German and his mother Italian. I was told that the introduction was too long etc.

He loved forests, working with wood, people and life itself. People perceive nutrition in physical factors, and I would say this supply is much more subtly present in a field much higher, that is this physical field that nourishes people.

The reason is even if we are a closely knit family, I came to the conclusion that we do not really know each other very well. And it’s the same for the environments that you hang out in, the companions that you have, your entertainment, television – everything will bring that dense vibration, each more inferior and will also undermine our energy, and each time that we are linked, we are caught in this circuit of survival, of hunger, of the need to eat.


My desire to change the fate dragged by family karma was so strong that I decided to set out on this Journey to the Unknown.

He gave me the insight into the essence of life and he planted in me the precious seeds of the love of life, nouurriture, nature, simply everything around us and in us. How can my ethereal expansible personality pour all this out on paper?

He knew I was expecting a baby. Her life-threatening liver disease, from which she had suffered for ten years, disappeared after barely practicing the Tian Gong exercises.

Sample of book PDF format. I found that out later on when I was 48 and crossing the Czech Republic to find out my origins, my family lineage. She is the creator of the 4 Day Pranic Woman Program, which through the Prana, purifies and illuminates the feminine energy field and reprograms the information of the Reproductive System, that holds the memories of our human family lineage, and the key to unleashing the Divine and Beautiful wisdom within each Woman and Being.

So it’s hard for you to nouriture this happiness – I’m talking about this continuous happiness, this awareness of being happy. I loved them so much.

You cannot learn it from any book or any specialist. We loved each other, he was everything for me. Since January 11th,I undertook to travel light. Mourriture father used to beat me up almost daily until the day I left home. Her inner growth led her, one day of Junenot to feel hungry and she decided on a natural way to respect herself and to do the experience with her body and her state of inner consciousness.

Shaman and therapist, he lives now in Nantes where he began his Pranic Nourishment experience.

The pranic food – Ma raison d’être

I wanted to treat myself to a trip to Tibet for my 50th birthday, two months before departure I was told by guides in my meditation I was not going anywhere that I had work here and that Tibet was coming to me. The time spent with my granddad was the most valuable thing I had and lived.


Many profound healings have been generated and accomplished with the power and help of the Great Heenri. As a living temple of God, the human body is fully equipped with miraculous wonders that can be awakened in those who are spiritually conscious and have complete faith in the Creator of all life. In those moments I perceived and saw nourritude and my granddad around me and always heard cheerful voices, otherwise I would not have been able to survive. A personal encounter in springwhen he met a meditation teacher, who had not eaten for more than a year by then, awakened his interest in the strange topic of Breatharianism.

He lived for many years near Buenos Aires. Since time immemorial, there have always been individuals who can sustain themselves on prana, or the vital life force. Supreme Master Ching Hai: What is the pranic food?

The process of the food pranique prabique a reversible mode, each acts according to its free will. Today he is traveling to different countries all over the world teaching a deep inner process. Equiano thrives for an all-inclusive human life, where fear, doubt and guilt become our guides, rather than trying to get rid of something.

ENTRE MAITRE ET DISCIPLES Oberom C. Silva:Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism

I know now that he was so unhappy that he was unable to handle a situation he could not control. Thus you can get out of this ego mechanism mondort living in the past, living in the future, transiting through pleasures, just watching and being happy with everything, being thankful in the energy of gratitude, which is sublime. He helps and supports whoever wants to get closer to this new paradigm, accompanying them on the way of changing.

He even beat me up when I was three months pregnant. No school will teach you to do that.