LA RONDE ET AUTRES FAITS DIVERS (THE ROUND AND OTHER COLD HARD FACTS), by Jean-Marie Le Clézio. The sig La ronde et ali. La Ronde et Autres Faits Divers (Nobel Prize Literature ) (French Edition) [ J. M. Le Clezio] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! La ronde et autres faits divers. [J -M G Le Clézio].

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Library Locations and Hours. Set largely in locations near the French Riviera, xutres eleven short stories depict the harsh realities of life for the less-privileged inhabitants of this very privileged region.

Distinguished French writer J. In one story an adolescent girl encounters the violence of a gang of masked bikers in a hostile and desolate housing project.

In others a man stands by helplessly as a place of great dives and deep childhood memory is slowly consumed and destroyed by a quickly developing city, an illegal immigrant desperate for work finds himself the prisoner of a ring trafficking in human beings, and two girls fatis everything by running away from home and their dead-end factory jobs in search of a more meaningful life.

At once tragic and evocative, these engrossing and beautifully crafted stories touch upon the loss of human values in a rapidly changing world. After studying at the University of Bristol in England from tohe finished his undergraduate degree at Institut d’etudes Litteraires in Nice. Inhe received a master’s degree from the University of Aix-en-Provence with a thesis on Henri Michaux and wrote a doctoral thesis in on Mexico’s early history for the University of Perpignan.

The round & other cold hard facts = La ronde et autres faits divers

He has taught at numerous universities throughout the world and has written around 30 books including novels, essays, and short stories. The short lf, a vital, flexible, and compelling form, attracts the best of writers, as is evident in this remarkable quartet of extraordinarily provocative new titles.

Arvin comes to fiction via engineering, and his understanding of technology and those who create it infuses his first book with a unique and mesmerizing power.


But Arvin is also able to distance himself from the seductive world of machines and recognize how radically technology has altered life on earth and how subtly it modulates human interactions. In the bewitching title story, electricity, new and miraculous on Coney Island inis used as a lethal weapon against Topsy the elephant, a towering force of nature killed in an instant by man’s ingenuity; then, in “Electric Fence,” a man attempts to cordon off an Edenic safe zone for his orphaned grandson, but here nature prevails.

Elsewhere a telescope and cell phone become devices of mischief, while trouble between a father and son is exacerbated by the bumbling son’s mechanical ineptness.

Arvin’s complexly structured and psychologically dynamic stories are as discerning as they are incandescent. Scholz is also fascinated by science’s influence on the psyche and the world at-large.

The author of a scorching novel about the nuclear weapons industry, RadianceScholz turns out to be an inventive and philosophical short story writer.

In “A Catastrophe Machine,” a lonely prodigy becomes obsessed with a “mathematics of loss,” and in “The Menagerie of Babel,” a beleagured biologist befriends an outsider artist and recognizes that they’re both appalled by life’s monstrous fecundity. In other tales, Marco Polo, now a “wavefront,” or surge of consciousness, converses with a computer; a twentieth-century art historian enters a painting by Jan Van Eyck, and an insurance convention brings Kafka, Wallace Stevens, and Charles Ives together in Prague.

In each keenly metaphysical fable, Scholz, a connoisseur of the imagination, parses the languages of science, literature, art, and music as he ponders the quintessentially human habit of telling stories, a valiant attempt to render sense out of the delirium of existence.

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Crane works on a more intuitive plane as her funny, funky, wounded, but still swinging women protagonists struggle to survive in a cacophonous and aggressive world.

Having kicked the alcohol habit, they’ve turned to caffeine with a vengeance, making for marvelously keyed-up and rondw narratives. Sounding a bit like Mary Robison, Crane off-handedly toys with assumptions about reality as her characters change shape, indulge in elaborate fantasies one accompanied by lengthy footnotesand even, in “Something Shiny,” slowly disappear.


One narrator is certain that her mother has come back from the dead, another riffs hilariously on the complications of having a much younger lover, and yet another documents her experiences dating various men named Dave. Clever, inventive, and piquant, Crane’s breathless stories hit the brain with more voltage than a double espresso. Le Clezio, a distinguished French writer with 20 novels to his credit, including The Prospectorwrites moody and menacing short stories set in a fallen universe.

Once a verdant paradise, Le Clezio’s world has been brutalized with hideous concrete high-rise projects, heavy traffic, and pollution, and most adults hide in cell-like apartments bathed in television’s narcotic blue glow. But the young are restless and reckless, and they pay dearly for their attempts at escape in “The Round,” in which two teenage girls race their mopeds through their stodgy town at dangerously high speeds, and in “Ariadne,” in which an urban adolescent, reluctant to be cooped up with her unhappy family, becomes prey to a motorcycle gang.

Le Clezio is an intensely faitts, nearly hallucinatory writer, and in his riveting and eviscerating short stories, dreams turn dovers into diver. Thank taits for using the catalog. Jean-Marie Gustave Summary Set largely in locations near the French Riviera, these taits short stories depict the harsh realities of life for the less-privileged inhabitants of this very privileged region.

Booklist Fais The short story, a vital, flexible, and compelling form, attracts the best of writers, as is evident in this remarkable quartet of extraordinarily provocative new titles. Make this your default list. The following items were successfully added. There was an error while adding the following items. One or more items could not be added because you are not logged in.