Learn what 9 owners think about their Leapfrog Creatr 3D Printer | Leapfrog’s entry-level 3D printer sports a laser-cut aluminum chassis, heated glass platform . Buy Leapfrog Creatr Dual Extruder 3D Printer featuring 1 Extruder Print: x x “, 2 Extruder Print: x x ” Micron Layer Resolution. Review . Manual Leapfrog Creatr. 2. Leapfrog BV. Dear customer,. Congratulations with the purchase of your very own Leapfrog Creatr Single or Dual Extruder!.

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Luckily I picked mine up I live and work a 40 minute drive from Leapfrog HQ so I could leave the wooden crate there and just take the cardboard box with me in my car. So before to experience such a bad situation I worked on an easily piece wich prevents that kind of situation. Physical installation of the Creatr is simple: This time the sensor did work when I held a pair of scissors against it but it was installed incorrectly. But because of all the action the end of the filament is in bad shape so I had to cut it some of.

This modification reorients the sensor to have the bed properly approach it directly, eliminating the chance of the sensor failing to register the bed, and improving the repeatability and accuracy of Z homing. Two filament spools can be placed on turning tables on the bottom of the machine and the filament can be fed to the extruder through guiding tubes that connect to the extruders. Quite speedy as well.

We tried both extruders but had filament feeding issues on both. What speeds are you printing at? More or less because I still have to adjust the z-offset, but more on that later: See any errors on this page? Leapfrog is very clear about how to unpack the printer without damaging it: The first problem I encountered is that that the manual only covers software setup for Windows. The extruders on the creatr are absolute rubbish.


Leapfrog Creatr (not the HS yet) Review – Part 1: Installation – Nick Lievendag

This is the point where non-tech-savvy people are just lost and that counts as bad user experience design. Please take a look at the list of 3D Printers I will be reviewing in the coming months. The Creatr has two direct drive extruders mounted on the X-gantry. A representative let me know that I can expect it to arrive in the first week of September. Wow, what an odyssey.

Leapfrog Creatr (not the HS yet) Review – Part 1: Installation

lwapfrog Both are available free of charge on the Leapfrog website. This is hard as it is for the left extruder pictured below left but even harder for the right extruder. I loved it when Leapfrog trashed their original forum with all the bad reports and customer anger on it!

Though I like the industrial look of the printer itself these cables look messy and unprofessional, giving it them a more DIY kit look. An apalling design with no spring tension arm to compensate for filament thickness.

Leaprfog of using lfapfrog usual plastic or wood, the Creatr’s sturdy aluminum frame was designed to provide durability that does not diminish over time. Crearr has this giant build area and you can print really large things and the software that drives it, Simplify 3D is really easy to use and includes a bed leveling wizard that makes calibration of the machine a snap Love my Leapfrog Creatr!! When the extruder is hot the filament transport gears can be controlled through Simplify3D with either the Extrude or Retract commands.

Physically homing the X left to right and Y back to front axis is done with two switches located to the left of the x-gantry picture below left.

The welcome letter directs you to the installation page on Leapfrog website. Leapfrov good news is that they offered to let me use an original Creatr. What 3D printer that works best for you? This takes one minute. Loading the Right Extruder is harder because the Cables block the view. Anywhere in between leads to different stop heights up to 4mm in my case.


Crsatr came in heavy duty packaging which I also appreciated. Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing You will need to install one software program for the conversion of your design from a 3D software STL-file to a printable file G-codeand another to control the printer.

All the problems have been small and easy to solve.

Leapfrog Creatr Dual Extruder 3D Printer A B&H Photo Video

I find the steps between the buttons a bit awkward, especially the gap between 10 and which is essentially either moving the filament 10 mm or mm down. I did look at the Ultimaker 2 too. After tuning it for an hour I had it in the perfect spot! The Creatr Dual Extruder 3D Printer from Leapfrog supports two-color and two-material printing up to a maximum size of 7. As you might have seen I placed the printer in the right corner of our work bench so I have to rotate the heavy printer to get a look at the right extruder.

On top of that the bunch of cables block the sightline from the right side picture below right making it even harder to get right.

Luckily the glass plate is mounted on the aluminum frame with springs and I had muscle memory to quickly click the Emergency Stop in Simplify3D before the glass broke. So follow me there if you would like to know when the next part is live And please let me know what you think of this review so far!

I assume that the cable was both too short and badly soldered to the switch and it had snapped off.

And I still had a lot of 1,75mm filament left from the Replicator and the UM2 uses 2,85mm filament.