LEGO set database: Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter. Find complete inventory of pieces and free instruction manual scans for LEGO Coast Guard 4wd and Jet Scooter at the ToysPeriod online toy guide. Buy LEGO City Off Road Vehicle and Jet Scooter: Building Sets LEGO City Great Vehicles SUV with Watercraft. out of . Item model number,

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Welcome to another sunny day in LEGO city! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, minifigs are drowning Here is the front.

It shows a nice image of the buggy on the beach with the ocean in the background. The set has great colors. I love how the orange, blue and white look together. The part selection is quite good, but unfortunately uses the large car base.

Color separation is not a problem here, and since it is a small set, the piece call out is not a necessity. The design of the trailer and jetski is great. The jetski is very smooth looking 7737 the color scheme is fantastic. The sticker on the roof is nice, but it’s actually too big for the piece.

The corners of the sticker flap where the piece curves. Here you can see how it attaches to the trailer. I didn’t add the sticker that goes on the front which is a little sign that says BB or something. A very welcome addition to the set. It adds quite a bit of playability. The orange fins are great. Perhaps a citizen of some sort. Even in the face of danger, this member of the Coast Guard always has a smile on his face It is one of the better sets in this price range you can buy, and one of the best small city sets.

The colors are great, the design is great, and the fig is great. I don’t normally think small sets are worth heavy praise, but this one definitely deserves it. Thanks, and happy building! What an outstanding review of a great set. I have this set, but have not opened it yet. It looks like a fun little beach set.

The new Coast Guard theme is very nice! This set could almost pass for Classic Town, except for the use of orange and the lack of opening doors on the car.

I will want to get this set soon. It’s a lovely set, with some coast guard saving on the jet ski. What I don’t like about this set, is the lack of doors.


Lego City 7737 Coast Guard 4wd & Jet Scooter

Everything about this is nice, but I still have to give it a “4”. As for the entire flow of review, I agreed with Brickster that your introduction is very good. With the little amends I had added earlier, it turns out to be very good.

But this is a very good lsgo, that almost makes legi wish I had the time read: A very good review of an especially charming and lovely set, thanks!

Thanks for this review.

Lego City Coast Guard 4wd & Jet Scooter | eBay

I was thinking of getting this set and having read your review went out today and got it. What a great little set. What I particularly like:. You do get a piece call out with this set I did anyway. It’s on the back of the small poster that is included in the set!

Thanls for the review, I was looking at this set last time I went to the Lego store, but in the end decided not to get it. One question though do you think the jet ski is as good as previous ones?

I meant the piece call outs during the build that show which pieces you need for that step. And Cardinal Brick, I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I cetainly think that this jetski is wonderful. I have to agree that the jetski is an awesome little piece of design. Apart from the handle bars it has a really cool orange piece on the front a piece I’ve never seen before – the 4×3 wheelarch sort of thing I agree that this is a very good looking set.

I just finished building mine yesterday, and I love it. But here is one suggestion. Trim the large sticker that goes on the roof of the vehicle by cutting along the angles at the front of the sticker. If you use it as it is, it will extend beyond the “flat” surface of the roof and will overlap the lower sections.

Past experience with stickers has suggested that this sticker will “lift” at the front corners. Nice set, nice review, I already have one coastguard set that truck but I like the idea very much. However, the Rigid Inflatables could be much improved see the real ones at www. It gets placed on top of This piece.

The Coast Guard sets are very eye catching. The color scheme is making me want to pick up the entire line, although the off-shore platform hasn’t been released State-side yet. I’ve had my eye on this particular set for a few weeks now and is near the top of my To Buy list.


With instructions provided on LEGO. Infero version of the jet ski to replace the one used in Mission 2: It’s a very sturdy design, bulky enough to make it feel like a real vehicle. I thought so, so thanks for confirming! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? On a scale from 1 to 5 Poor.

Posted August 29, Let’s take a look at the Coast Guard’s buggy! About 8 cents Now, the review! The Box Here is the front. The Back The back shows some of the features in the set, such as the extra equipment. Manual The picture on the manual is the same as on the box as usual.

The Parts The set has great colors. Coast Guard Minifig This is a great fig. The torso print is very nice and matches the buggy’s colors well.

New Tire Mold Here are the new tires. They look very good. In-Manual Shot Color separation is not a problem here, and since it is a small set, the piece call out is not a necessity.

Extra Parts It is always nice to get extra cheese slopes. Jetski Close-up Here you can see how it attaches to the trailer. Attaching The Trailer This is where the trailer connects to the main car.

It attaches simply with a lgo joint.

Instructions for 7737-1 – Off-Road Vehicle and Jet Scooter

Car Front View The license plate is a nice sticker, and 77737 top lights look nice. The Back The back is very similar to the front, it has the same sticker. The Equipment Rack A very welcome addition to the set.

All Decked Out He looks pretty spiffy in his diving suit doesn’t he? Brickshelf Folder The Ratings! The big car base is a bit annoying Design: Leggo a citizen of some sort Build: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted August 30, Although it would be nice to see more car doors and lsgo new MF faces, though. Posted September 2, edited. What I particularly like: Posted September 2, Posted September 3, Lego stickers are probably the best that there are, but sometimes modifications must be made.