Dec 14, lei de 28 de maio de 10, Parágrafo Terceiro – Compete à Diretoria exercer as atribuições que a Lei, o Estatuto Social e o Conselho de . da Companhia e o valor pago em bolsa, pelas ações da Companhia neste período, devidamente atualizado. Dec 11, (Available from ccivil_03/Leis/. Lhtm. Accessed 8/12/). BRAZIL. Law No , of 25 November.

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The public, which owned less than 2. Our subscriber payment collection system is intended to provide accurate, timely and convenient billing to our subscribers while maintaining a cost-efficient method of receiving payments. Inflation itself and governmental measures to combat inflation have, in the past, had significant negative effects on the Brazilian economy. We offer data transmission services for corporate customers through our subsidiary, Vicom. The evaluation process was validated and the assumptions and procedures in the model were considered acceptable and properly constructed by our external consultants.

lei 10683 de 28 de maio de 2003 atualizada pdf file

Our cable network in Region 3 is served by 26 headends. We are in the early stage of assessing the introduction of new services such as digital cable television and near video-on-demand. Therefore, our results of operations and financial condition depend upon the level of economic activity in Brazil, including the rate of economic growth and its impact on demand for our services. From January 1, through December 31,we depreciated our cable plant at a rate of This will allow us to increase the number of pay-per-view channels and offer new services such as audio channels containing a variety of music packages, near video-on-demand and an interactive programming guide.

As of December 31,we were not in compliance with these ratios. Duringwe plan to begin offering digital cable services on a selected basis. Since Augustwe have been developing a new system structure with the aim to improve all internal controls and user accesses.

The following discussion and analysis of our financial condition and results of operations should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements included elsewhere in this Form F. We have announced significant measures to reduce operating expenses since the middle of In determining impairments, management must make significant judgments and estimates to calculate the fair value of an investment.


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Sincegovernmental actions to combat inflation, including interest rate increases and intervention in the foreign exchange market through the sale atuzlizada U. We expect to continue to record net losses for the foreseeable future due to our financial expenses. The Region 1 cities we serve have an estimated combined population of However, our audited consolidated financial statements and the selected financial data set forth below are presented in U.

We currently compete with: Our headends typically receive programming content via satellite and then amplify, process and feed this signal into a distribution path that reaches the subscriber. We refer to households in these tiers as Class A and Class B households.

Moreover, technology in the communications industry is changing very rapidly, which means it is possible that the technology in which we invest for purposes of delivering our new services could be rendered uncompetitive by the advent of superior or cheaper technology.

Under this grant, cable television operators are not allowed to act as their own ISPs, but must grant other ISPs equal access to the cable network. Sincewe have focused on building our cable infrastructure, primarily in the most prosperous and populous regions of Brazil.

lei de 28 de maio de atualizada pdf file – PDF Files

Brazil is the largest free broadcast television market in Latin America, with approximately Our Plus package has not been available for new subscriptions since Cable Television Rule No.

As of December 31, we had activated two-way, or bi-directional, technology for 2. In these lawsuits, we argue that: We are party to several civil, tax and labor lawsuits, both judicial and administrative, arising out of our regular course of business. The Atuallizada securities markets are not as highly regulated and supervised as the U. Decree 2, and Ordinance No. It also clarifies that a guarantor is required oei recognize, at the inception of a guarantee, a liability for the fair value of the obligation undertaken in issuing the guarantee.

We expect our revenue from pay-per-view to grow steadily in the future, particularly as we start to offer interactive services, allowing subscribers to order pay-per-view selections with their remote control units.

Each programming package described in this table also includes atjalizada channels listed in the programming package s preceding it. Since the tests were xtualizada for the first time inreflecting a change in accounting principles, the impairment losses were recognized as non-operational. We have identified individual nodes along our network that have a high proportion of Class A and B households expressing ,ei interest in digital cable services.


In addition, cable television providers can only provide Internet services to existing cable television subscribers. These centers allowed subscribers to easily contact us with questions about their bills, as well as to request pay-per-view events or to change their monthly service packages. In latein order to minimize the impact of credit delinquency on atuaoizada financial results, we began a program to strengthen our credit requirements policy and decrease the days customers can stay past due afualizada blocking or disconnection.

In light of such deregulation, the fixed-line telephone operators, after satisfying certain requirements, will now be able to obtain new licenses and own capital stock of companies authorized by Anatel to offer other telecommunications services, such as cable TV services.

Accordingly, these contracts, along with market constraints, may limit our ability to pass along increases in atkalizada costs to our subscribers. Our cable network in Region 1 is served by 13 headends. In particular, the emergence of new, lower cost delivery systems or the widespread use of digital compression technology, which is currently available for certain lie media and under development for others, would allow transmission of multiple channels on the same frequency, and therefore could result in increased competition in the Brazilian pay-television industry.

We started paying deferred fees to equipment suppliers in January and we plan to payoff these fees by the end of In each package the monthly subscription price includes rental of the set-top box needed to receive our cable signal. Channels for occasional or permanent services must be publicly offered by the operator, and compensation of the operator is to be established pursuant to market practices and costs involved in the rendering of such services.

Since this charge was recorded for the first time inreflecting a change in accounting principles, the impairment losses were recognized as non-operational. Prior to the enactment of Amendment No.

The licenses are for a term of 15 years, atuakizada are automatically renewable, subject to: