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The invention relates to a central clutch operator 1 having a clutch slave cylinder housing 2in which a piston 3 is arranged such that it can be displaced longitudinally in the axial direction in a manner which is dependent on the hydraulic pressure, in order to move a clutch release bearing 5 and in the process to open or to close a clutch 16wherein at least one magnet 6 is fastened to the piston 3which magnet 6 can be utilized for positional determination via a sensor 7wherein the sensor 7 is connected to an electric conductor 8wherein the sensor 7 is arranged radially within the annular piston 3.

The asymmetric wall thickness d allows the individual radiators 1 to be placed closer to each other in 116455 x direction such that when phased 116455 radiators 1 are used in le x direction, the radiation characteristic can be moved.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The present invention provides an ion migration rate analysis device and analysis method. The dividing walls 21 that cross the x direction and thereby separate the individual radiators adjacent in the x direction are different from the dividing walls 22 in the y direction in terms of the wall thickness d thereof.

The invention relates to a method for producing a component assembly, and to a component assembly, in which a first component 2 and a second component 3 are welded together, forming a front fillet weld 4. The modular wind turbine blade comprises first and second blade modules each comprising a proximal end and a distal end, a first side comprising a first aerodynamic surface being a windward surface or a leeward surface, a second side comprising a second aerodynamic surface being the other of the windward surface or the leeward surface, and a tapered end portion having a thickness between the first and second sides that decreases towards an end of the.

The invention relates to a method for calibrating a light source of a medical device The glue surface 9 is arranged in contact with the support 2, 17 when the suspension arrangement 7 is attached to the support 2, According to the invention, the device 1 comprises at least two pressure transducers 2 that can be arranged and set up to emit pressure pulses on contact points on the left and right pectoral muscles of a patient.

An electrical switch is taught. Its simplicity ensures the continuous and instant cycle of power production. The shells are then arranged one above the other whilst the bars remain attached to the shear web.

Nombre de la persona inventora. The present invention relates to a corrugated hose.

Amtliches Kursblatt der Börse München |

The transmission bearing is sleeved onto the rotary cylinder, and an outer ring of the transmission bearing is fixedly connected to the rotary cylinder. The invention relates to a bearing retaining device 1 for retaining a rolling bearing 4 of a vehicle shaft, comprising a bearing flange 3 for receiving a rolling bearing 15wherein the bearing flange 3 has a closed receiving means 4 for an outer bearing element of a rolling bearing 15and wherein the receiving means 4 is formed as a single piece.


More in particular, the oil-continuous emulsions are spreads or margarines. The invention relates to a device for closing off an opening, in particular an inspection opening, preferably in a dry building structure, in which an opening is formed in at least one panel-shaped or panel-like structure element, wherein the device for closing off the opening comprises at least two closure parts 1,2 which interact with one another, of which a first closure part 1 is formed as a closure frame 1 which is insertable into the opening so as to be immovable, and a second closure part 2 is formed as a closure cover 2 which is insertable into the closure frame 1 so as to be pivotable.

It is proposed that at least one association step 22 involve at least one association between the patient 14 and the study being made on the basis of the suitability parameter, and at least one piece of association information being stored on at least one server 20in particular the patient recruitment server The invention relates to a method for producing a shoe 1comprising a shoe sole 2 and an upper 3.

A method for triggering service logic execution recording of a call between a calling User Equipment, UE, and a called UE in nitegra telecommunication network, wherein said service logic execution recording is to be triggered by nodes in a chain of nodes involved in establishing a call between said calling UE and said called UE, wherein said method comprises the step of inserting in a call establishment message, a service logic execution recording integta, wherein said parameter leei that nodes involved in said establishing of said call between said calling UE and said called UE should perform service logic execution recording, wherein said service logic execution recording is any of recording of log files and recording of trace files reflecting signalling between said integta in said chain.

The invention relates to an antenna comprising a plurality of individual radiators 1 that form an antenna field with an aperture in the x and y direction and emit electromagnetic radiation 111645 in the z direction.

According to the invention, the support element oei is equipped with at least one wear contact 18 which is connected to a separate electric connection 15 and can only be contacted by one of the sliding contacts 3, 13 of the slide 4 when the corresponding sliding contact 3, 13 has a specified degree of wear. The invention relates to a discharge head 10 for the nasal application of pharmaceutical liquid from a pressure reservoirwhich has an outlet valvewhich has a valve connecting pieceto which force can be applied against a spring force in order to open the outlet valve A corresponding method integr a network node, an unmanned aerial vehicle, a network node, computer programs and computer program products are also disclosed.

The bladder is disconnected from the casing in the first region, and is configured to rupture or to be cut when it is pierced by a piercing member of the inhaler device such that the ruptured or cut area of the bladder creates an opening which is significantly larger than the cross sectional area of the piercing.


First clamping means S1 are provided for clamping the drilling tool 3 in the cavity 10said clamping means S1 being designed such that a free end of the drilling tool 3 is pressed against the base region The analysis device comprises: Or any source at all of energy, immediately eliminating the need to store an energy source. In the variable resistor according to the invention, a far advanced wear of the sliding contact and thus the end of the service life of the component can be detected in a timely fashion.

The spiral conveyor is advantageous in good operational stability, high reliability, small occupied space, among others. A horizontal propulsion device 5 mounted on the aircraft achieves horizontal flight. The first metal and the second metal may not be the same. The wind turbine comprises a number of power consuming units being grouped into at least a first group and a second group, a first electrical converter for connecting the generator to the electrical grid, and a second electrical converter for connecting the electrical generator to the power storage unit.

The present invention provides a device for providing a minimum-cost network slice.

List of Autonomous System Numbers

When N is 1, a first circulation loop comprises a waste heat exchanger, a first stage steam turbine or a first stage expander, a first stage condenser and a first stage liquid pump which are sequentially connected from end to end. The imitation beetle elytron wings 2 lower and retract when the aircraft performs vertical take-off or landing, so as to be substantially parallel with the fuselage 1avoiding blocking of a down wash airflow, avoiding aeroelastic vibrations, and eliminating jntegra of the wings 2 on the rotating wing 4.

The medical device is connected to at least one calibration portsaid calibration port having sensor means for ascertaining a spatial emission characteristic of a light-guiding fiber introduced into the calibration port The anti-electromagnetic interference radio frequency module comprises a radio frequency module body, the inside of the radio frequency module body nitegra provided with an electrical connection area 1 and a grounding area 2a metal thin film structure 4 is attached to an upper lntegra and side surfaces of 1165 radio frequency module body, and the metal thin film structure is connected leei the grounding area, forming an anti-electromagnetic interference shielding layer structure which is integrated with the radio frequency module body.

The suspension arrangement 7 comprises a magnetic attachment means 8 and a glue surface 9 having a glue depression The invention relates to methods and devices for use in a wireless communication system.

The mating surfaces of the first and second blade modules are configured to form a scarf joint between the first and second blade modules. The cooling hole 45 is fluidically connected nitegra the inlet 7.