Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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The processor can be further configured to remove or drop one or more frames from the current group of frames. For the production eli a fluid container of said type 16145 accordance with demand and in a timely manner, the can body 2 is produced by means of at least two layers of windings composed of carbon composite material or kraft paper. Moreover, the device has a detector capable of detecting a pest within a detection zone. The invention relates to a device for supporting both arms 4 of a user 2.

The invention discloses a guiderail of an underslung robot, an underslung robot and an operating system thereof. A process for making edible oil-continuous emulsions by mixing slurries of hardstock fat crystals in oil with an aqueous phase to form an emulsion followed by addition of a melted hardstock.

The reflectance of the first part 4 is between 0 and 20 percent in the visible spectrum having a wavelength up to nm, making the first part 4 substantially fully visible in most of the visible spectrum and the reflectance of the first part 4 is above 80 percent in infrared light having a wavelength above nm making the first part 4 substantially invisible in most of the infrared spectrum. The aim of the invention is to provide a vehicle tire having a transponder, in the case of which the transponder can be integrated into the vehicle tire in a simple manner.

A modular wind turbine blade is described.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

Said clamping means S are movable in the cavity 10 in such a way that in the clamping process, the drilling tool 3 is clamped radially and a free end of the drilling tool 3 is pressed against the base region The invention relates to a damping element 10 for damping pressure oscillations, in particular flow pulsations, in a hydraulic system, in particular in a hydraulic coupling system, wherein the damping element 10 comprises a main body 12 having through-flow openings 14 for hydraulic fluid, wherein the main body 12 is uniformly formed, in particular over its radius, of an elastomeric material, and wherein the size of the through-flow openings 14 can be changed by changing a hydraulic pressure acting on the damping element The present invention solves the technical problem in the prior art that the accuracy of an acquired focus of a judgement document is low due to the focus of the judgement document being acquired by manually marking a key word and subjectivity of the acquired focus of the judgement document being strong.

The present invention relates to a lens holding device for holding an optical lens at its edge, during dip coating in a dip coating bath, comprising: The medical device is connected to at least one calibration portsaid calibration port having sensor means for ascertaining a spatial emission characteristic of a light-guiding fiber introduced into the calibration port The device according to the invention is characterized by pivot pegs 4 on one of the closure parts 1, 2which pivot pegs 4 are insertable into guides 5in particular guide tracks 5of the other closure part 1, 2 for the pivotability of the closure cover 2.

A first gearwheel 11 and a second gearwheel 12 are arranged engaging with each other in the working chamber 6wherein a working medium can be transported by means of the first gearwheel 11 and the second gearwheel 12 from the inlet 7 to the outlet 35 in the gearwheel pump 1.

The medical robot and control method thereof change the master-slave operator-robot control mode in the prior art to enable information exchange between the operator and the robot, thus greatly improving the safety and accuracy 116645 medical robot operation. The adjustable delay units are configured to control a phase of the PLL output signal by receiving a second control signal from a control circuitry to adjust their delay times.

Allocated and Unallocated AS blocks

Since the second call setup procedure running independently from the first call setup procedure may result in unnecessary and undesired alerting Ghost or Phantom ringing at the second terminal, the invention provides for sending a cancel message to the second terminal to stop the continuously running second call setup procedure under certain conditions.


The analysis device comprises: A modular landmark for robot movement divides an entire region in 1145 a robot moves into multiple modular regions. The placement module is configured to select a set of candidate paths based on the capacities 1145 the physical links, and to determine, for the set of candidate paths and intdgra to the modified costs, the optimal placement of VNFs on network nodes satisfying the at least one placement constraint.

An aircraft with imitation beetle elytron wings, belonging to the technical field of aviation. The phase frequency detector further comprises adjustable delay units, ,placed at either one or a combination of the clock inputs, the reset inputs and the outputs of the two latches. The transverse fleece web segments 26, 27 are attached to the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 such that they form together with the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 a framelike structure 21 serving as the cover layer The invention relates to a consumable cartridge and an inhaler device The determined communication configuration for the CSI-RS may include delaying one of the colliding signals, transmitting only one of the colliding signals and suppressing the other, or reconfiguring the slot such that both signals can be transmitted successfully.

The invention relates to a logistics vehicle 1 for receiving and delivering at least one transported material 3comprising a chassis 5 for moving the logistics vehicle 1 between logistics locations, wherein the chassis has an in-vehicle drive; a bearer frame 37which is held by lwi chassis 5 ; and at least one transfer robot arms 73 and 75attached to the bearer frame and which has a gripping and lifting drive for receiving and delivering the at least one transported material 3wherein the chassis 5 and the bearer frame 37 are detachably fastened to each other and the drive and the chassis are designed to be autonomous and separable from each other such that, in a coupling state, in which the chassis 5 securely bears the bearer frame 37the logistics vehicle can be moved by the driven chassis and, in a separated state, in which the bearer frame 37 is freed from the chassis 5the chassis can be moved without the bearer frame, independently by the drive.

The bars continue to support the shear web whilst the shear web is aligned with the other shell. Apparatuses, methods, and systems are disclosed for switching a communication mode of a remote UE. A capsule has an outlet wall 4 that comprises an opening 5 and a closing member 6 for the opening; the closing member is integral with the outlet wall of the capsule and extends from the inner side of the outlet wall, inside the capsule. The method comprises determining an optimal route between nodes based on the plurality of link potential values Pab.

The electrical switch comprises a first substrate, having a first top surface and a first bottom surface. Advantageously, atmospheric plasmas can be produced from the Watt range to the high kW range and even MW pulses. The invention is based on a method for recruiting patients for a study, in particular for at least one clinical study, wherein at least one comparison step 10 involves at least one patient parameter, stored on a patient server 12of at least one patient 14 being automatically compared with at least one recruitment parameter, stored on a study data server 16of at least one study, and wherein at least one rating step 18 involves at least one suitability parameter for a suitability of the patient 14 for the study being automatically ascertained on the basis of the patient parameter and the recruitment parameter and being stored on at least one server 20in particular a patient recruitment server Moreover, the invention relates to a corresponding method.

The invention relates to an LED filament 1 lej a substrate 2two electrical connections being embodied on the substrate 2 and at least two radiation-emitting semiconductor chips being arranged on the substrate 2the semiconductor chips being electroconductively connected to the electrical connections, the substrate 2 consisting of a material transparent to electromagnetic radiation, the lower sides of the semiconductor chips being connected to the substrate 2 imtegra means of an adhesive layer inhegrathe adhesive layers 14 comprising conversion material 15the conversion material 15 being designed to offset at least one part of the wavelength of the radiation of the semiconductor chips, and the semiconductor chips comprising a conversion layer 18 on the upper sides 16 and the side surfaces 17the conversion layers 18 being designed to offset at least one part of the wavelength of the radiation of the semiconductor chips.


In addition, the latter comprises means 18 for collecting the submarine vehicle, which are spaced apart from the main floating body 12 via the pivot arm The invention relates to a transmitter communication device configured to provide video data to a receiver communication devicewherein the video data comprises one or more groups of framesand each group of frames comprises a plurality of temporally successive frames.

The nitegra also relates to a drive assembly with a drive machine 8with an elastomer coupling 1 or with a dual mass flywheel 2and with a device for monitoring the condition of the elastomer coupling 1 or the dual mass flywheel 2. Each modular region li provided therein with iintegra first magnetic block having a north-pole polarity or a south-pole polarity and a second magnetic block having a polarity different from the polarity of the first magnetic block.

Liquids, wires, threads, or fibres can be guided into the plasma via the cannulas. The three-axis piezoelectric sensor has the characteristic of a good frequency response.

When the tail seat portion 13 and the protective housing 11465 are lek, the action force of the spring forces the second cylindrical portion 12 to slide backwards.

The needle seat 1 continues to be pulled, so that the needle seat 1 drives the built-in sliding sleeve 3 to slide into the lock position of the protective housing 4 and is locked, and at this point, the needle tubing 2 is fully covered by the protective housing 4 and the tip of the needle is not exposed. This aim is achieved, according to the invention, in that the transponder 1 is arranged in the tire bead 8 between a second carcass layer 21 and the outside 24 of the tire, the height dimension 18 in the radial direction of the vehicle tire between the transponder 1 and the lower side of the bead filler 5 being at least 3 mm.

The invention relates to a tyre 1having a cord inlay 7a steel cord belt layer 8and a tread 10wherein leei tyre 1 is rotatable about an axis of rotation 11 in a circumferential direction 12 and has a tyre zenith 13wherein the tyre 1 comprises at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting lej receiving ijtegra 14 1165 at least one sensor element 15wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 comprises a piezoelement 16and wherein the at least one electromagnetic transmitting and receiving device 14 is arranged spatially between a region 17 of the cord inlay 7 and a first region 18 of the tread The invention relates to a device for closing an inspection opening, and intwgra a method for inserting such a device for closing an inspection opening into a board-like or panel-like structure element of a dry building structure, in 111645 the stated device comprises a frame framing the inspection opening and a closure cover for closing the inspection opening.

Each latch comprises a clock input Clka reset input Formula I and an output Q.

Amtliches Kursblatt der Börse München |

Disclosed are a signal transmission method, a related device and a system. The housing cup is made of metal, in particular steel or aluminum, at least in the region of a housing cup edge extending peripherally around the opening.

The imitation beetle elytron wings 2 can automatically complete lowering and leveling movements according to forces encountered in different flight conditions. The invention further relates to a diaphragm pump 10 having a housing 1 according to the invention and to an exhaust gas aftertreatment system having a diaphragm pump 10 according to the invention.