A variety of commentaries by Crowley on many Class A Documents. The Commentary for Liber LXV encompasses the means to invoke one’s Guardian Angel. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Aleister Crowley’s Commentary on Liber LXV, the Book of the Heart Girt With a Serpent, was written in Aleister Crowley began his Commentary on The Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent, Liber LXV, in order to clarify the dense symbolism for his advanced.

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Commentary to Liber LXV

August 5, at For the colours are many, but the light is one. I never found the blog but i did read part of chapter 11 and Each individual should not be satisfied with their unique perception of the Light, i.

So also are the philosophies. No, they have to spread out and form groups. All group activities are doomed to fade away in sme form of shame or buse of power.

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Introduction Parables are succinct stories in prose or verse that illustrate a lesson of some sort. Also, five consecutive posts: That would fit the bill better, and I have also given it a most favourable review somewhere on this site. Possibly looking as through a glass darkly? It is by necessity that the Truth is reflected into particular images for each individual.

We must go beyond individual or partial images to attempt to perceive that unified Light or Truth beyond all differences. We must not rest contented in any one particular image or color of Truth, but we must instead go beyond all partial images. By llber to use this website, you agree to their use.

Debate not of the image, saying Beyond! I wish there was more info on Motta. The many change and pass; the one remains. Any one interested please comment.

August 8, at The heart and the serpent reference brought me into an area of it. Parables are succinct stories in prose or verse that illustrate a lesson of some sort.


Another writeth the words of topaz, and of deep amethyst, and of gray sapphire, and of deep sapphire with a tinge as of blood. Ultimate criminal enigma continues commentaary intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post. Anyway you seem like a great resource for that kind of infuse well as commmentary material. Email required Address never made public.

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Commentary to Liber LXV

The symbolism used is that of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. To the adept, seeing all these things from above, there seems nothing to choose between Buddha and Mohammed, between Atheism and Theism.

August 5, at 6: There is so much lv get lost and sucked into… Aleister Crowley the man, the demon, V.

Koenig seems to have done a lot of research also as well as Sword of Horus but its all a let down really.