1. The Lilliebridge Training Method! “Want to be strong like a Lilliebridge? Then train like a Lilliebridge! The Lilliebridge training method”. _Strong body and Mind_. Posts: 1,; Rep Power: shadowroth will become famous soon enough. (+50). lilliebridge training method. As far as I understand, the Lilliebridge “method” is basically linear periodization, and as such, does not really rule out using RTS-style.

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FiveFourThreeTwo Equipment: Hi-Dosis Pre Metjod – Citrus. Mike gave you good answer, but he is too nice. Starting Strength Powerlifting Programs V: The weights you use are determined by your last meet max.

Like I said, this is true, blue bodybuilding style assistance work. It is a 10 week training program lillkebridge can have you training from two days per week up to five. Alternating heavy and lights days from week to week allow Eric proper recovery.

RTS vs lilliebridge training method

On Saturdays we will either squat heavy and deadlift light or, it can go the other way, deadlift heavy and squat light. I’d imagine RPE’s could be used with pretty much any template. Originally Posted by southhillbarbell. I think the Lilliebridge method contains far too little lulliebridge and volume for the natural lifter.

What we want to know, in terms of history and context, is what kind of biases and influences went into the construction of the program. You can get amazingly far with just specificity and overload. And from there the whole family continued with the routine. I do not think this is enough overall volume on the main movements. The rest of the fancy rhetoric matters only a small amount.


Start off about 20lbs to 30lbs higher with the reactive sling shot blue or 35lbs to 45bs with the original sling shot RED then what you did on lil,iebridge last top set of heavy bench for the day, and work up from there, make nice even jumps.

Yes, drugs are the elephant in the room. Ernie SR has been unanimously named the best raw strength coach there is by many top sources such as Mark Bell from ST Gym, Ernie Frantz the god father of powerlifting and many more.

The Lilliebridge Training Method

Follow at your own risk and listen to your body at all times! This is not to be given out! I’ll defintely be recommending your sleeves. Any accessory work is to be performed after your main sets.

Methid Lilliebridge method has a massive amount of recovery built into the program. Heavy Bench is highlighted in yellow and light Bench is highlighted in red. Once he started powerlifting, he was hooked. Get your copy now! Originally Posted by Piet. They use lots of bodybuilding movements.

Weeks 9 and 10 will be different depending on your goal for the training cycle. All this said, merhod is zero autoregulation of volume and intensity on this program. The Lilliebridge Training Method is never to be copied, duplicated or posted on any web site or lilliebridfe in part or in whole. The Lilliebridge Method No Comments. You alternate between high rep weeks and weeks where you take three singles at increasing percentages.

Thank you for interesting in our services. But if you want lilljebridge check out the basic version, I’d look at this video: For the natural, muscle mass is slowly accumulated over time via a caloric surplus and an ever increasing amount of total volume which should slowly trend upward over the years.


Why not autoregulate volume? In traditional western periodization, you move from high reps to low reps as you get closer and closer to the meet.

Also, at all times, make sure you have good spotters! You will be squatting and deadlifting on the same day every week. The program lasts ten weeks long. The Lilliebridges bench on Wednesdays, Squat and Deadlift on Saturdays, and do their lowerbody accessory work on Sundays. Week 9 for the bench will also be a de load week and you will then rest until the meet day or the weekend of week The book contains over pages of content, discusses each scientific principle of programming in-depth, and provides six different full programs for novice and intermediate lifters.

Went with the stoicgear and so far I have zero complaints. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. One issue I have from a novice stand point with programming where you do the lifts once a week is I may be training but not really practicing the sport.

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