year with Lontrel™ SG until after the required plantback period has elapsed . herbicides or the recommended adjuvant on the partner herbicide label. Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison . Lontrel* Turf and Ornamental herbicide is recommended for selective. Dow AgroSciences/Lontrel* Turf and Ornamental. PM/ 5. Source label text based on EPA·accepted copy dated March 07, , EPA.

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Lontrel Turf and Ornamental Herbicide

Lontrel is a pre-emergent that works great in treating thistle. Qty quart 32 oz. See all 22 customer questions.

Lontrel TM Herbicide. Lontrel can be used on warm-season and cool-season turf grasses.

Flexibility Choose the rate option that matches the size of your thistle problem and budget. Normally ships in 1 business day. Features and Specs Active Ingredient: Yes No 5 of 5 people found this answer helpful.

Selective Targeted applications allow for control of undesirable species while being safe to grass and other desirable vegetation. Atrazine is cheaper and works better. kabel

Yes No 3 of 6 people found this review helpful. To remove Dichondra from St.

The first thing you need to know when using an herbicide such as Lontrel Herbicide is that the exact amount of water you dilute it with is not important. How to get rid of Vetch in flower beds?


Adding a surfactant to the spray mixture may increase effectiveness on weeds but may reduce selectivity to the crop, particularly under conditions of plant stress. Was this answer helpful to you? Longrel applications allow for control of undesirable species while being safe to grass and other desirable vegetation. When you are done walking and spraying the 1, sq ft area note how much water it took you to spray that area.

I believe it is too late this year in Colorado for pre emergents as I see small thistle plants actively sprouting throughout the grass and rockbeds. Yes No 16 of 20 people found this answer helpful. Addition of surfactants, crop oils, or other adjuvants is not usually necessary when using this product.

If an adjuvant is added to the spray solution, follow all manufacturer use guidelines. Use in ground cover to control some weeds without killing the ground cover. It is only important to make sure you are using the correct amount of product per 1, sq ft of lawn.

Lontrel Turf and Ornamental Herbicide

Yes No 8 of 8 people found this review helpful. Yes No 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Buy 2 or more: Product Overview Lontrel Turf and Ornamental is a selective post-emergent herbicide that controls certain broad-leaf weeds in turf and certain ornamental plantings, such as conifers and non-leguminous woody species, in landscapes and nurseries.


Safety For use in areas requiring lower impact applications. Resources For more information, download the full label for Lontrel Herbicide Label.

To decide how much water you want to use, you should mark a 1, sq ft area, fill your sprayer with water ONLY, and start walking and spraying just as if you were doing the actual application of herbicide. Lontrel is a selective herbicide that will not harm your grass, but will kill other weeds like Dichondra.

What is the best product s recommendations to completely eliminate thistle? I am battling an invasion of thistle trying to take over the entire yard. It has deep long tendrel roots like carrots. Yes No 6 of 8 people found this answer helpful. Performance Controls tough broadleaf weeds such as Canada Thistle.