London is a dangerous and demon-haunted place, at least for the characters in the dark, finely crafted tales presented in Miéville’s first story. Looking for Jake: Stories [China Miéville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Miéville moves effortlessly into the first division of those who. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. London is a dangerous and demon- haunted place, Looking for Jake – Kindle edition by China Mieville. Download.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Cerpen satiris dimana London lagi menjadi distopia, hari raya semuanya di privatisasi dan hanya orang kaya yang mampu merayakan hari raya, yang dalam cerita ini, hari raya natal.

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Mieville displays his narrative ability with the horror genre, one that he already proved towards the masterful end of the spectrum in King Rat.

The Recent Weird edited by Paula Guran.

I found China Mieville while reading an anthology and was intrigued but not sure if I would like him so I found his collection of short stories. B- Foundation – This one is my least-favorite, no probably about it.

The Story of the Russian Revolution. I would consider there to be 14 short stories in this collection.

Looking for Jake

Something I keep coming back to with China Mieville is how much he trusts his readers to not give up when they get confused. Get chinna, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Read more Read less. Oct 28, Phillip Smith rated it really liked it. This was very interesting. The foundation of not just buildings but all things. Saya juga awalnya bingun sebenarnya apa yang terjadi dicerita ini.

Regardless of which stories I liked or dislike, the readers are all superb, and made the listening experience much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. I’m torn between three: One of those rare occasions where I got to borrow a book from my girlfriend. His dark vision is in full form here and he shows why he is such an important writer of the modern speculative fiction movement.

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Looking for Jake by China Miéville | : Books

Strange Horizons is a weekly looling of and about speculative fiction. Written as a series of diary entries by an elderly man who buys a strange, coloured window pane and installs it in his study, only to realise that the old glass looks out upon a different version of London, where a gang of children have decided to torment him with increasing viciousness. Well, there’s this guy on a bus and Trenchant social commentary, I bet. Still, can’t say China doesn’t make two blood-muck-garbage monsters fighting sound damn poetic.

Lovecraft, cerpen ini membuktikan perkataannya. Most of the time, it works.

SF : Looking for Jake and Other Stories/ China Miéville

Go-Between — The reader is offered a steaming hot cup of paranoia and mental instability. What frightens me is that I’ve not become lonely now, but have looked inside and seen that I was, already.

Meta-China is mistakenly delivered some notes and photos intended for one Charles Melville from a secret society tracking these rogue streets that have been appearing and disappearing around London.

It had to do with something soldiers and a bus stop. The individual stories in this collection will either work for you or they won’t. I read plenty of comics and I even draw some myself, so I know the language of sequential art – and this one just didn’t make any sense at all.

Those were also my favourite stories in the book.

This is a story about mievile man who is haunted by past war-time atrocities in which he had a small part. I appreciated it for the brief immersion back into the chaotic atmosphere of the city, to me loo,ing despite my disappointment in Iron Council one of the most vividly realized settings in modern SF and fantasy. Mieville stories aren’t easy read, they are all bit weird Yes, it took me a very long time to finish this book.


This short story, in hake form of a collection of fictional documents supposedly “received” by the author, presents the idea that there exist certain autonomous streets which phase in and out of existence, living complex and mysterious lives of their own, and even having romances and violent feuds amongst their alley selves.

If I had to pick a favorite from the assorted short stories in this tome, it would have to be ‘Jack’, in which we discover what happened to Jack Half-a-Prayer, Remade rebel of New Crobuzon that wonderfully strange city presented in Perdito Street Station.

Cnina may grumble that only one story is set in New Crobuzon, the fantasyland featured in the novels. Some of the stories are more effective than others — I particularly chinx Reports of Certain Events in London, somehow, I couldn’t really say why. Tapi tidak hanya sosial, satir yang diberikan juga ditujukan pada adegan klise yang sering mievill seperti seorang penyanyi menghentikan kerusuhan antar dua pihak.

Written in the style of a letter, from the unnamed narrator to the mysterious Jake P with whom the narrator has some vaguely described relationship or friendshipthis story chronicles what is described as a “breakdown” of London, in which a large portion of the population suddenly disappears and supernatural occurrences affect the remaining population — including the appearance of strange predatory creatures.