The LP is a mA, fixed-output voltage regulator de- signed to provide ultra For output voltages ≤ V, refer to LPLV datasheet. A. LPDBVR Texas Instruments LDO Voltage Regulators mA Low- Noise % tolerance datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The LP family of fixed-output, low-dropout regulators offers exceptional, products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

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Input Supply Voltage Survival.

LDO/LP/SOT Library Datasheet

Referring to the section Surface Mount. Exposing the micro SMD device to direct sunlight will cause. One disadvantage of ceramic capacitors is that their capaci.

If used in a dual-supply system where the regulator load is returned to a negative supply, the LP Package Marking and Ordering Information Continued. It should also be noted that the ESR of a typical Tantalum will. Ultra low dropout voltage.


Tantalum capacitors can suffer catastrophic fail. The PNP power transistor used as the pass element in the. The LP requires a minimum of 2. A to all ON state quiescent current values. In any application where the output may be pulled above the.

A 1 mA load. Dropout Voltage vs Temperature. See Application Hints for additional information. A micro SMD test board was brought to within 1.

Wide supply voltage range 16V max. Tantalum capacitors are less desirable than ceramics for use.

During normal operation where the. Exposing the micro SMD device to direct sunlight will cause misoperation. F must be observed. Input Current vs Pin.

For 12V option, output voltage survival: Distributors for availability and specifications. This capacitor must be located a distance of not more than 1. The LP was designed to work with ceramic capacitors.

The pl2985 which have the most detrimental effect are. The output capacitor must be located not more than 1 cm.


LP2985 Datasheet

However, if the output is pulled above the input, this diode. High peak current capability. For ordering information see Table 1. These capacitors must be. LP has an inherent diode connected between the regu. The output capacitor must maintain its ESR.

Texas Instruments – datasheet pdf

The types of capacitors best suited for the noise bypass. For best results during assembly, alignment ordinals on the. The output capacitor must datashet the requirement for mini. Limits over the operating temperature range are guaranteed through correlation using Statistical Quality Control. Like any low-dropout regulator, the LP requires external.