Some few Luhya Proverbs you did not know. 1. Anavulekwa yirha imbongo. 2. Chenda kalaa yola mumbo. 3. Buli akhashere nobufira bwakho 4. Abachesi babili. Popular luhya proverbs and sayings from mulembe nation with titbits and stories that unraveal their meaning. Maragoli proverbs, Bukusu proverbs, Idakho. It’s not often that one can link African oral literature with the modern science of epidemiology. Such an intricate exercise. Continue reading · Luhya Culture.

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The fire burns the fire maker. Special lustration rites must be performed if the diviner detects that an illness which has befallen someone has been caused by that person having killed a python even if it is luhhya years ago. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. These clans inhabit the region around Maragoli Hills in Vihiga county, western Kenya.

Luhya Proverbs of Kenya – All Things Kenyan

Closer home to their current domicile of the lands at the foot of Mt. Yuyukhana yayia menoo- in English the person who hurry to eat hot food his teeth is burnt. The following are some examples of luswa and kiragi: Isaatsi in luhya is used to fetch water from the stream, and it is believed it can break near the door when bringing it down from your head.

It is a taboo to cut nails both finger and toe nails at night because it is believed evil spirits will haunt you. Is encourages people to ask and communicate with one another. I have 1 more; Chingekhanga yebusia He who has made a mistake is always quick to difend himself.


Proverbs & Sayings – Luhya

At the core of proverbbs Luhya region, particularly in Khwisero, you will rarely find young and old men and women conversing in English or Kiswahili when exchanging greetings. Among the Bukusu, if one comes across certain ants called nafusithis is taken to mean one will receive good hospitality if he is visiting or something pleasant is in store for him. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It also means that whatever you have done it different is a matter of time because anybody else will be there and you might hate yourself when you compare what you have and what another person who come after you has. So this proverb was used to warn people that advice from others can help them avoid shameful act especially at respectable place or occasion.

One may also say: Your email address will not be published. If parents are humble people expect the kids to be humble like them. Other than being beautiful, if you marry from the western part of Kenya, particularly from the Luhya tribe, rest assured that they will not leave you during both thin and thick moments of your life. Proverb is used to warn people who like hiding evil in society that one day that evil one will turn back to you and be his meal for the day.

Maragoli Sayings & Proverbs | MULEMBE NATION

OR omunyuu kwolekaa nikwooo kworonga- the stew that you despise is what saves you. Although there are many reasons why women from the Luhyaland stand out amongst the Kenyan ladies, this is the most striking one:.


Praesent tincidunt aliquam libero, porttitor ultricies dolor fringilla ut. If an owl elikuli cries near a homestead, this is a sign that someone from that home will soon die. Moreover, you will rarely find a man or woman from Luhyaland divorcing a wife or husband.

Undeniably, among the people of Mulembe, the Bukusu have the most wholesome annotation of their culture and history.

Olukhwi lworenya nilwo lukhusamba the firewood you fetch is the lihya that burns you. If a husband points his buttocks at his wife while they are quarrelling. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Competition exhausted the lungs. Also when one is in a proveerbs status he might despise village men and even refuse to work with them but a time comes when illiterate village men are needed to fulfill a certain task in a community.

To do so before circumcision is quite normal but afterwards it is a sign of having fallen luswa If a woman climbs on the roof of the hut this is interpreted as her desire to kill ;roverbs husband All forms of ritually prohibited and incestuous sexual intercourse are regarded as manifestations of luswa.

These women are taught by their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts how to treat their male spouses like monarchs. They also like making greetings. It is said when you hide your child who is a thief, he will come back to your house at rob everything you have.

Meeting prkverbs red hawk is a bad omen among the Maragoli and Wanga.