Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This delightful romp is set in an alternate Regency A Matter of Magic: Mairelon and The Magician’s Ward. Patricia. Mairelon the Magician is a fantasy novel by Patricia C. Wrede, set in a version of Regency England with wizards. Kim, a street urchin, attempts to rob a . Patricia Collins Wrede is an American author of fantasy literature. She is known for her . Mairelon the Magician (); Magician’s Ward (); Magic and Malice () — omnibus of Mairelon the Magician and Magician’s Ward; A Matter of.

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Readers new to novels maireloh in this era may find themselves temporarily thrown by Kim’s use of the thieves’ cant, but they’ll quickly adjust as context makes meanings clear. Mar 01, Cassie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I do wish that there had been more of Kim’s former life as a street thief included here, as well as more illusion magic but the rest of the book made up for the lack.

Regency Magic — Mairelon

Too bad the toff didn’t see fit to mention that the maierlon street magician is a real wizard – one who easily sees through her boy’s disguise. I also, if you recall, asked how you found this place and what you intend to do here, and you haven’t told me that, either. After the good reviews I thought I might go into it expecting a little much, but it delivered.


Aug 29, L Sniffly Kitty rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 08, Juny rated it really liked it. I also liked the magical aspects of it, it was quite good, and I don’t like a lot of magical books.

Mairelon is determined to set a past wrong to maireon and Kim is equally determined to help him do just that – and if she satisfies her curiosity magicain the mysterious wizard along the way, so much the better. I didn’t like how fast it ended, but I suppose thats your YA aspect of it. He would wench and get drunk and bungle both his robbery attempts. Patricia and James Wrede were married in ; they divorced in And Jon Aberwhatever was not a comical figure.

Mairelon was enjoyable and his character complemented Kim’s adorably. She has published twelve and a half books: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Still, entertaining on the whole. Well, they listen, frightened, for about a kagician, then they atart arguing again. Maybe because too much of the story was about adults; I don’t know why.

As maglcian Wrede gives real attention to all her characters minor and major and the dialogue feels genuine and the banter is enjoyable.

Which ones are the villans? It’s a little coincidence-heavy and I feel like I’ve read one too many girl-who-dresses-as-a-boy stories, but I try to give YA more of a pass mxgician those kinds of things. For Kim, it’s a dream come true. Right now, I’m bothered. Jan 15, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: Not exactly what I was expecting, but well done a I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.


Oh we This book felt so thoroughly mediocre. The guy with the pistols loaded, as we find out when he accidentally shoots the ceilingwaves the pistols around and orders everyone to silence. See all 42 reviews.

Mairelon the Magician/Magician’s Ward FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

We had finished reading “These Three Remain” from the Fitzwilliam Darcy series which is totally fun to read out loud, especially if you get your husband involved. Patricia finished her first novel in late Also, Kim wondering why Mairelon was so thrown upon seeing his brother, and then her having to remind herself and thus the reader about his issues with Andrew.

That’s what a POV character is for, but not in such an obviously contrived way. Whereupon the wizard takes her on, over the servant’s objection there are In an alternate Regency, Kim is scouting out a wagon where an itinerant magician is performing his tricks. Kim was dressed as a boy the entire time.

Series: Mairelon the Magician

Showing of 42 reviews. C to be taken on as an apprentice were pretty thin. Alas, she forget to develop the characters enough to make the climax interesting for the rest of us.