In recent years, there has been increasing number of reports favoring existence of malarial hepatopathy, from Asian countries, especially form India.[3] The. PDF | Jaundice is a common clinical presentation in severe malaria, seen in approximately % patients with falciparuminfection but hepatitis. Jaundice in malaria is multifactorial. Plasmodium falciparum causes malarial hepatopathy in around % of cases. The spectrum of hepatic d.

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Jaundice in malaria is multifactorial. Plasmodium falciparum heatopathy malarial hepatopathy in around 2. The spectrum of hepatic dysfunction in patients with malaria varies from mild clinical and biochemical abnormalities to fulminant hepatic failure, although hepatic encephalopathy almost never occurs.

We undertook this study in order to estimate the magnitude of hepatopathy in malarjal, and study the associated clinical features, complications and outcome of patients.

We retrospectively analyzed the data of patients with acute malaria hospitalized from between and We compared the clinical features, demographic parameters, laboratory findings, complications and outcome of patients with and without hepatopathy. The age of the patients ranged from 2 to 96 years, with male preponderance Also, hepatopathy and renal dysfunction were significantly associated OR 5. Hepatopathy is a serious complication of malaria, and is associated with other organ dysfunction and greater mortality.


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Malarial hepatopathy.

Sodium arsenite exposure impairs B cell proliferation and enhances vascular inflammation in Plasmodium berghei mouse model. Hepatopathhy acids uptake and oxidation are increased in the liver of rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis. Construction of sinusoid-scale microvessels in perfusion culture of a decellularized liver. Citing articles via Web of Science 1.

Malarial Hepatopathy and Its Outcome in India

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