The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges The Ventotene Manifesto – Swedish Version – Translation by Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Hannes. island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free and united Europe. The Ventotene Manifesto. Ventotene: The Altiero Spinelli Institute for. Il manifesto di Ventotene has 28 ratings and 0 reviews. Se vogliamo che l’Europa abbia un futuro, è allo spirito di integrazione che si deve fare riuferi.

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Democrats do not refrain from violence on principle but wish to use it only when the majority is convinced it is indispensable, little more, that is, maniffsto an almost superfluous “dot” over an “i”. The manifesto called for a break with Europe’s past to form a new political system through a restructuring of politics and extensive social reform.

manifesto di ventotene – Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli

Angel Felix marked it as to-read Aug 16, Modern civilization has taken the principle of freedom as its basis, a principle which holds that man must not be a mere instrument to be used by others but an autonomous centre of life. In appearance, these States might well be democratic and socialist on a large scale.

Completed in Junethe Manifesto was circulated within the Italian Resistanceand it soon became the programme of the Movimento Federalista Europeo. Ulrich Von rated it it was amazing Sep 13, After meticulous preparation, boldly and unscrupulously exploiting the rivalries, egoism and stupidity of others, dragging in its path other European vassal States, primarily Italy, and allying itself with Japan, which follows the very same goals in Asia, Nazi Germany has launched itself on the task of crushing other countries.

Marco rated it it was amazing Nov 07, But their ability to maintain the workers as far removed from the other revolutionary forces ventptene they can, by preaching that their “real” revolution is yet to come, turns them into a venotene element that weakens the sum of the progressive forces at the decisive moment. The reactionary forces have capable men and officers who have been trained to command and who will fight mxnifesto to preserve their supremacy. Lists with This Book.

They think it their duty to form a consensus and they represent themselves as exhortatory preachers, where instead there is a need for leaders who know just what they want. But from this gradually increasing circle of sympathizers, it must pick out and recruit into the organisation only those who have identified and accepted the European revolution as the main goal in their lives, who carry out the necessary work with strict discipline day in day out, carefully checking up on its continuous and effective safety, even in the most dangerously illegal situations.


The Ventotene Manifesto – Portuguese

Only two issues require further and deeper definition because of their particular significance for our country at this moment: Luca Dalla Valle marked it as to-read Nov 14, Open Preview See a Problem? There are no grounds for fearing that such a revolutionary regime will develop into renewed despotism.

Democratic political methods are a dead weight during revolutionary crises. Even the privileged classes who agreed with equality in political rights, could not accept the fact that the underprivileged could use it to achieve a de facto equality that would have created a very real freedom with a very concrete content.

In the text, European Federalism and World Federalism are presented as a way to prevent future wars. Matteo rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Tiago added it Jul 02, Luca rated it it was amazing Feb 01, At the same time, the tracks guiding these forces towards objectives of greatest benefit for all society must be strengthened and perfected.

PaperbackI classici del pensiero libero 25pages. In a revolutionary crisis this wealth must be distributed in an egalitarian way thereby eliminating the parasitic classes and giving the workers the means of production they need to improve their economic standing and achieve greater independence. We have seen a demonstration that no country within Europe can stay on the sidelines while the others battle: It helped overcome narrow-minded parochialism and created a much wider feeling of solidarity against foreign oppression.

We are thus proposing an agrarian reform which will increase the number of owners enormously by giving land to those who actually farm it and an industrial reform which will extend workers’ ownership in non-nationalized sectors, through co-operative adventures, employee profit-sharing, and so on.

A political organization of this kind made it possible to correct or at least to minimize many of the most strident injustices inherited from previous regimes. Wednesday December 7th, Monday January 9th, admin manifesto di ventoteneventotene manifesto.

Il manifesto di Ventotene

The colossal fortunes of a very few people have been preserved, as has the poverty of the masses, excluded from the enjoyment of the fruits of modern culture. Libraries and bookshops are purged of all works not considered to be orthodox. Centotene threatened to dissolve the State into countless economic fiefdoms, each bitterly opposed to the others.


This arises only when the tendency has been to shape a servile society.

Nunzia Lucente marked it as to-read Jun 01, II – Post-war tasks. If, instead, the movement is backed only by the proletariat, it will be deprived of the clarity of thought which only intellectuals can give and which is so vital in identifying new paths and new duties: Babas rated it it was amazing Dec 01, But while Hitler’s Germany has managed to chop manifexto the smaller States one by one, this has forced increasingly powerful forces to join battle.

Men are no longer subjects with civil rights, but are instead arranged hierarchically and are expected to obey their superiors without argument, the hierarchy culminating in a suitably deified leader. Refresh and try again. But this approach becomes an instrument which isolates the proletariat, when the need to transform the entire social organization becomes paramount.

But all monopolistic tendencies can be fought effectively once these social changes have been fulfilled. Damiana marked it as to-read Dec 27, Delia rated it liked it Mar 24, The Ventotene Manifesto — Hungarian Spinelli —86a former Communist, became a leader of the federalist movement due to his primary authorship of the Manifesto and his postwar advocacy.

Behappy rated it really liked it Oct 16, Individual freedom is reduced to nothing since everyone is part ventoteen the military establishment and constantly called on to serve in the armed vi. Thus they will be able to latch on to what is, by far the most widespread of popular feelings, so deeply offended by recent events and so easily manipulated manidesto reactionary ends: Private property must be abolished, limited, corrected, or extended according to the circumstances and not according to any dogmatic principle.

Men are no longer considered free citizens who can use the State to achieve collective goals. This statement was in contrast with the idea, then prevailing, that unity could be achieved almost naturally and only as a secondary goal, after the attainment of political purposes communism, democracy and so on in individual countries.